Cancellations and Attendance

Once an appointment has been offered to you, the Counsellor will set aside the time that you have agreed on, and he/she will be available to see you on a weekly basis. The number of sessions that you will have with the Counsellor will be discussed with you at your first appointment.

If the Counsellor is unable to make the appointment with you, he/she will aim to let you know at least a week in advance. In case of a last minute cancellation due to illness or emergency, the Counsellor will either contact you directly or ask another member of Student Services to put up a notice on the counselling room door to let you know that the sessions have been cancelled.

If you are unable to make either the initial appointment, or an ongoing one, you will need to let your Counsellor know by making contact by phone or email, either on the day or a few days before the appointment. If you do not make contact to cancel a session, or to confirm your attendance when an alternative time has been rescheduled, the Counsellor will assume that you no longer wish to continue with the sessions and may not keep the same appointment open for you.

You will be welcome to make another appointment at any other time by getting in touch with the Counsellor again, but you may not be able to be seen straight away if the service is particularly busy at that time.

Last modified: Monday, 10 April 2017, 10:14 AM