As a general rule the Counsellors will not give any information about you, or anything you have talked about to anyone else unless you ask them to do so. Confidentiality would only be broken in extreme circumstances where you or another person may be in immediate danger, or when required by law. In this rare circumstance, the Counsellor would try to talk to you before making a disclosure, although this may not be possible in case of an emergency.

The Counselling Service gathers statistical information for the College and may log the counselling hours you have received in the form of additional support with the Learning Support Manager. This information is used to improve and monitor the service, as well as to improve funding. When such information is collected and exchanged it is anonymised and will only be disclosed for auditing purposes.

The Counsellors may keep brief case notes to aid reflection and to enhance the quality of their work. These notes are stored securely and will be destroyed after four years.

Last modified: Monday, 10 April 2017, 10:16 AM