Issues you might need help with . . .

People come to counselling for different reasons. There are times in our lives when we find it difficult to cope, when we feel confused, afraid, anxious or concerned. Some people simply want to offload. Just telling someone else often helps. A particular concern may have caused distress, or you may want to deal with issues that have been around for some time. Either way, your counsellor is here to support you. Some of the issues that counsellors work with include:

  • study blocks

  • poor concentration

  • presentation anxiety

  • exam stress

  • relationship problems

  • anger/irritability

  • self-esteem

  • eating distress

  • problems with sleeping

  • bullying

  • anxiety about sexual relationships/sexual orientation

  • depression

  • self harm

  • feeling suicidal

  • family problems

  • a sense of isolation/ “not fitting in”

  • panic attacks

  • sexual/physical/emotional abuse

  • worries about alcohol/drug abuse

  • death of someone close

Last modified: Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 12:21 PM