NUS Extra Card - Student Discounts

Becoming a student at Havering College of Further & Higher Education means you are part of the National Union of Students (N.U.S.) and you are entitled to apply for a N.U.S. Extra Card.  Cards can be purchased by both full and part time students and the discounts available are exactly the same for both groups of students.

On-line purchasing:

To purchase a N.U.S. Extra Card you can go online at where you enter your details, pay £12 using a credit or debit card and upload a clear photograph of your head and shoulders. 

The card can be posted directly to your home address or Student Services on your campus where it can be collected.  

Cost of the card = £12

Card valid for 12 months from the date of issue

On Campus manual issue:

For those who prefer not to order online, N.U.S. Extra Cards can also be purchased and created by hand on campus. 
* Pay £12 at Admissions (At Ardleigh Green this is near the main reception, at Quarles this is in the reception area).
* Take your receipt and a passport sized photograph of yourself to Student Services or the Students' Union.
* The N.U.S. Extra Card will be made up for you while you wait.
* You will then need to go online to to register the card.  

Cost of card = £12

Card valid until August 2016

To get the most value from your card we advise making the application online at

Where can I use the card?

The Extra Card is proof that you are a student and therefore can be used wherever a student discount is available.  However, N.U.S. have been working hard to secure exclusive discounts at many high street shops and on-line companies.  

For more information about available discounts go to or speak to Student Services or the Students' Union.  

Ardleigh Green: 01708 462718
Quarles (F.E)  : 01708 455011 Ext: 4041
Quarles (H.E.) : 01708 455011 Ext: 4044
Rainham CCC: 01708 455011 Ext: 1005/ 1006

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