Assistive Technology

The LRC has a variety of items of  technology available to assist users in making the best of our  facilities. These are listed below. 

Please ask at the counter for more information.

  • CCTV is used to enlarge text for people with a visual impairment or to change text/background colours for people with dyslexia.
  •  Variable Height Workstations are used to make PC use more comfortable for wheelchair users.
  • A Hearing Induction Loop is installed at the counter and enquiry desk to aid users with a hearing impairment.
  • Braille Transcription is for people who need to read information or course work in Braille.
  • A Trackball Mouse is used to aid PC users who need help with fine motor skills.
  • A  Magnifying Sheet is for anyone who needs to read small print.
  • Coloured Acetate sheets can be used for people with dyslexia. These act as a coloured overlay to  enable them to see text more easily. Each person will  have a different colour that works for them.
  • Keyboard with large keys to aid PC users who need help with fine motor skills.
  • Specialist software:
    • ClaroRead is text-to-speech software which speaks back text as it is typed, allowing a user to check and proofread work quickly and easily. It works well with MS Word and email. 
    • Supernova Software which gives a reader magnifier to enable you to zoom in and out of your writing.
  • Longer book loans can be given to people who have dyslexia or other statemented needs. For  example, a 7 day loan will extended to 14 days.
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