The Library contains many sources of information which students of education will find useful. This guide is intended to help you make the best use of those resources. 


Books in the library are shelved using a numerical ordering system known as The Dewey Decimal System. 

Below shows key areas where Education books can be found. Clicking the number will take you into the Library Catalogue and show you all the books, journal articles and other media in the subject are. 

370.1            Education: theory and Philosophy

370.15          Education psychology

370.152        Education theory and practice

370.18          Educational research

370.7            Teacher Training

371.14124    Teaching Assistants

371.3            Reflective teaching

375               Curriculum

378.42          Higher Education

378.99          Teaching in FE and Adult Education

379.15          Education Policy 


The library stocks Journals relating to your subject: Journals can be borrowed for one week at a time. The current issue may not be borrowed but is available for reference. You may photocopy one article from any one issue. Journal articles can be found by searching your chosen subject in the Library Catalogue

Times Education Supplement

Times Higher Education

Education Today

SEN Magazine

Teach Primary

Teach Secondary

Early Years Educator

Useful websites

Department for education

The National Foundation for Educational Research in England and Wales.

The home of free learning from the Open University.

Excellence Gateway search, browse and filter over 7000 resources.

Centre for the Study of Inclusive Education

National Learning Network

National Research & Development Centre for Adult Lit & Num

UEL Warren Kidd's video podcasts  A learning and teaching blog 'all things education' 

Free online tutorial for researching for education students

Mathematics in Educations and Industry - Aim to improve mathematics education and promote teaching and learning through different strands of activity.

Research and information at primary and secondary level.

Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots

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