The Library contains many sources of information which students of Photography will find useful. This guide is intended to help you make the best use of those resources


Books in the library are shelved using a numerical ordering system known as The Dewey Decimal System.  Below shows key areas where Photography books can be found.  Clicking on the number will take you into the Library Catalogue and show you all the books, journal articles and other media in the subject area.

070.49       Photojournalism
770.1         Art & Photography Theory
770.103     Visual Culture
770.285     Digital Photography
770.68       Photography Business
770.9         History of Photography
778.93       Nature Photography
778            Photography Techniques
779            Photographs Collections
779.092     Photographers


The library stocks Journals relating to your subject: Journals can be borrowed for one week at a time. The current issue may not be borrowed but is available for reference. You may photocopy one article from any one issue. Journal articles can be found by searching your chosen subject in the Library Catalogue.

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Useful websites

National Portrait Gallery

Axisartists - Emerging artists and their work

The Photographers Gallery

Victoria and Albert Museum - 

Immerse yourself in cultural experiences across art, history and wonders of the world with the new Google Arts & Culture website and app.

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News about Photography, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

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