Mayors' New Year's Day Parade - London

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Mayors' New Year's Day Parade - London
by Carol Crouch - Thursday, 23 November 2017, 1:03 PM

Mayors' New Year's Day Parade - London

We are looking for FOUR learners who would be interested in supporting this event.

The London Borough of Havering enters a float and we already have students working on the float (construction and creative for decoration) and we are now looking for learners to support the event on New Year's Day in London.

It will mean an early morning pick-up from Romford Town Hall.  Coaches will be taking people to and from London so you don't have to worry about how you get into London on a Bank Holiday!

If you are interested - and this can be classed as work experience - please contact me and remember you can be from any curriculum area!

Carol Crouch or pop into A028 at Ardleigh Green